South America having everything for visitors. The natural resources of the continent include the mountain scenery of the Andes, the tropical rainforest environment of the Amazon, spectacular waterfalls where the major rivers descend from the plateaux into the lowlands and good beaches on the coasts of Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina. No traveler should miss world's highest fresh water Lake Titicaca, ruins of Machu Picchu, Ciudad Perdida, and Easter Island. Major cruise lines like Celebrity Cruises, Holland America Line, NCL are operating along the coast of South America. Some cruises are operates along Amazon river and explore the biggest rainforest. South America having rich wildlife and animals living in South America are anaconda, jaguar, Black Howler Monkey, Chinchilla, Degu and many strange animals.

South America contains the longest chain of mountains in the world. Many of the mountain peaks in this chain are very high. Interesting facts about South America:

* Angel Falls in Venezuela has a longer drop than any other waterfall in the world.
* The Amazon River is the second-longest river in the world.
* The Andes Mountains are the world's longest mountain range.
* The Atacama desert is one of the driest places in the world.
* The Galapagos Islands belong to Ecuador. They are home to huge sea turtles and other unusual animals.
* The world's largest rainforest is located in the Amazon River Basin.

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